In May of 1990, my husband, Rick and I went to Cambria for our first anniversary. We stayed at The Olallieberry Inn (a CABBI inn) for three nights. I was enchanted with the town, the inn, the guests, and the entire experience.

We woke to coffee and enjoyed wonderful breakfasts each morning with fascinating people: a couple from New York who owned a bistro, a counselor from San Francisco, and others. We visited over breakfast, went off to explore the area, and then each evening, we would recall our day’s discoveries.

After the second day, Rick and I were on the back porch enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine when I declared that “This is what I want to do!” He thought I meant drinking wine on the back porch forever. We still joke about it.

Upon our return home, I headed for the nearest book store and bought every book I could find on the subject of innkeeping. From there, I ordered every publication I could find. I even found a class at the local community college on “How to Become an Innkeeper.” Rick began to think I was serious.

But life would get in the way, and we would get off track. It took us eight years to realize our dream. But in 1997, we bought our dream inn, The Grateful Bed in Chico, and started the renovation of our 1905 home.

In December 1998, we officially opened our doors and have never looked back. We have had a wonderful experience as innkeepers for 11 years and hope to continue for a while on our journey.


– Carol Turner