Taylor Reaume has over a decade of expertise in e-business and marketing. Taylor has developed over 400 Websites and online businesses, built 30,000+ inbound links to his client’s web sites client’s web sites, and published over 10,000 pages of content on the web.

In 2007, Taylor sold one of the largest online music communities http://www.estockmusic.com to fortune 500 Jupiter Media and Getty Images. Taylor, who holds a B.S. in Marketing and Economics, is an internet entrepreneur and owner of the Santa Barbara marketing firm The Search Engine Pros.com.

Speaking regularly at local tech events in Santa Barbara, including Tech Brew, and Women’s Festivals, Taylor promotes the ideas of social business and how search marketing can help spread awareness for non-profits. Services offered include: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Multilingual Marketing, PPC (pay per click & Google Adwords), social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin), event marketing, online press releases, email marketing and direct response marketing strategy.

If you live in Santa Barbara, consider attending Taylor’s free Monday SEO Class at 6pm on west beach. If you are a student or non-profit, learn about the mentorship program